BlackSquad Indonesia : New Generation FPS by Gemscool Review

Black Squad is a new game released by Gemscool. Well, this time I want to try out how the heck the fun of playing the game Black Squad? . Why do I want to try it? Because I see at first glance, the first time in publish, but the new CBT loh (CBT that if not wrong is a demo session, or something like that) all the existing server on Black Squad is full!

This game is still included in the FPS Shooter Games, a kind of Point Blank. But from Graphic slightly different from Point Blank, and what when compared Maybe Black Squad is not inferior to its predecessor. When Notice from the Game mode Existing in Black Squad. There are various game modes in this Black Squad, namely:

1. Melee Mission
2. Death Match
3. Bomb Mission
4. VIP Mode
5. Destroy Mode
6. Occupation Mode
7. Sniper Mode
8. Assault Rifle Mode

From mode This game is the same as Point Blank, but there is a thumbs up value for the BlackSquad Graph if you enjoy it thoroughly.
And if we look closely maybe the type of Wapons of the Black Squad is not much different from the PB (Point Blank) because it still uses the same type. And this Games is played not only the Men, but also from the Women's Gamers, Because this Games everyone has the right to play. and in the game is expected for friends, try to play sportsmanship, do not use the ways that are not recommended to play, such as using Cheat and so forth.
If you play the games using Cheat. Games just Entertainment, Try to think if you play Games use This way, what if you live real life, what friends will use Cheat also to enjoy life, So this is Friend.

Specification Play Black Squad
Okay if you already have an account list, and want to download the game Black Squad, first you need to know the specification to play Black Squad. The following minimum specifications Black Squad and Black Squad Indonesia recommendation specification

Minimum Specification
CPU: CORE2 DUO 2.2GHZ AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.66GHz
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600 OR GT630 RADEON HD 6750
Memory: 2 GB Or More
HardDisk: 3 GB
Direct X: Direct X 9.0C Or More
OS: Windows XP

Recommended Specifications
CPU: CORE2 DUO 2.4GHZ AMD Phenom X4 820
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GTS 450 RADEON HD 7750
Memory: 4GB Or More
Hardisk: 3GB
Direct X: Direct X 9.0C Or More
Os: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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