Lamborghini Aventador 720-4 50 Anniversario Edition (Supercar Review)

Call it a special car, of course there are important details that are present in Lamborghini Aventador 720-4 50 Anniversario Edition. What's unique in a car that just launched in Indonesia?

The main feature is all this special edition car has a logo made of Forged Composite 50 and only whitewashed with the color of Giallo Maggio or May Yellow. This special color has a very intense glitter effect and very contrast with high-gloss black color in the rim.
When considered in more detail, the front and rear fascia 50 Anniversario Edition is redesigned to improve car aerodynamics. The intake and splitter water holes are made larger, the presence of a small flap, a new diffuser, and a larger air grille for engine room ventilation are the changes that Lamborghini makes.

According to Lamborghini, all these changes make the handling and stability of the car at high speeds increased without impacting on increasing obstacles. Still from the same source, the car aerodynamics of this edition is 50% more efficient than LP700-4.
Another difference, 50 Anniversario Edition power is larger 20 dk than LP700-4. Although powered 720 dk, the machine used 50 Anniversario Edition remains the same, namely 6,500 cc V12. This additional power thanks to the specific calibration that Lamborghini does to the machine.

Want to know its performance? With ISR transmission that offers superfast gearshift, 50 Anniversario Edition can sped 0-100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and can reach top speed 350 km / hour.

With some of these changes the selling price of 50o Anniversario Edition is slightly more expensive than LP700-4. For the coupe type 14.4 billion and the roadster Rp 15.6 billion. Everything off-the-road yes.


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