Lamborghini Egoista (Supercar review)

Egoista, the Name of the Car of the Lamborghini Company - A special model has been prepared by Lamborghini to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company held at the headquarters of Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy. The new model is not a new variant of an existing model, but a completely new model that is specially designed and has never been raised before.
The company, which previously produced this tractor, has reportedly filed a trademark for the Egoista model. This news is clearly a signal that the automotive company is preparing a supercar configured one crew into the production line.
Based on evidence patented Egoista name popping up news about the name Egoista as a new product name from Lamborghini. This Egoista has a much aggressive design compared to the Veneno Roadster. The design is unique, unlike most supercars. This car is similar to the design of the Boeing AH-64 Apache assault helicopter. For his own naming, Egoista name itself comes from the Italian language which means selfish. As the name implies, this car only provides a single seat in the cockpit. Like a fighter jet, access in and out of the driver into the car through a colored glass canopy that opened toward the front.
Viewed from the side of the design, this car is filled with sharp edges on each part, its body is coated with a dense gray color, cabin glass accented orange and velgnya also light orange. From the engine sector, this car is equipped with a 5,200 cc V10 engine with a layout in the middle and produce power of about 600 Tk. Weight is also quite light because it is built with aluminum frame and carbon fiber body material.


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