One Piece Movie : Adventure of Nebulandia (ワンピース~アドベンチャー オブ ネブランディア~)

Type : Special
Episodes : 1
Status : Finished Airing
Aired : Dec 19, 2015
Producers : Fuji TV
Licensors : Funimation
Studios : Toei Animation
Source : Manga
Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Super Power, Shounen
Duration : 1 hr. 46 min.
Rating : PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

The One Piece anime series has been running for 18 years since its debut in Shonen Jump magazine. Kabuki performances in 2015. To welcome the end of 2015, Oda announces that it will release the latest One Piece movie in December! Here's the review.

Oda has provided details about the latest One Piece movie titled One Piece: Adventure of Nebulandia. The film will be aired simultaneously on Japanese national television on December 19th, and Oda is also promising the appearance of an old enemy of the series.

Who's the old enemy that Oda re-show in this latest movie? Still remind you of the Foxy Pirates? The crew that is full of stolen members from these other pirate ships will again fight with the Straw Hat crew. However, did not we last see Foxy defeated by the Straw Hat crew in a Davy Back Fight fight that almost made them lose one of its members?

Apparently Foxy Pirates still have not held a grudge due to the shame they get after the defeat of the Straw Hat crew. After they reach the dangerous ocean of New World, Foxy directs his ship to catch Luffy and the Thousand Sunny ship. Thanks to the ingenuity of Foxy, Luffy got fooled and lost some of his men. As usual Luffy was immediately determined to save his crew and catch up with Foxy. However, amid the journey Thousand Sunny is surrounded by a mysterious mist and stranded on an island that looks filled with mysterious powers.

What other fate will befall the crew of the Straw Hat and the Foxy Pirates? Is Luffy able to save his men and save himself from this mysterious island? What is the mystery of the island?

In the animenya indeed this is not the first time Foxy appeared after his defeat, before the Straw Hats crew met with Foxy in Spa Island. However, unfortunately the island was devastated by Luffy's attack that inadvertently drowned the island. Although in the anime Foxy still has not managed to avenge him against Luffy, it seems this time Foxy back the sense of the curb.


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