One Piece Movie Z Review : Hates Pirates and betrayed the Navy

Painful is the right word to draw what Zephyr sensei characterized in the One piece movie Z series, presenting a different premise from the one-piece movie series that was previously one piece Z more than just a phenomenal movie overall to Z character that is the main enemy in the movie .

Bringing a different premise is a great idea but keeping the beauty of the story to the end is not easy, maybe a lot of one-piece fans will be disappointed with the lesser endings, but I guess oda sensei plays a safe plot for the ending. Overall plot of one piece Z plasticity let grief Zephyr can be perceived spectators, but unfortunately this trick failed.
This is how it happens when the tradition of one piece of the annual film is usually filled with light stories that entertain and inspire made with a slightly heavy theme, less excited.
Practically only Zephyr sensei and his subordinates who are new figures, the rest are important figures in the one piece comic series. It is not easy to include some central figures in the comics series into movies with a larger scale, but not the name if it can not.

So if you are not a fan of one piece would be a bit confused with the way the story and figures emerging. Personally already ga ga ngikutin one piece series, but as someone who has demen really same one piece must still memorize with style sensei oda when building a figure with what is in through the story of his past which causes the character to be like now.
The quality of the image here is smoother and better, let alone the fast battle scenes can be very epic. There is one less than one piece Z is very little typical joke-style crew muguwara luffy. Likes and darkness that may be delivered oda sensei (call the creator creator one piece) through this movie, but likes to fail.
Despite having to be disappointed with the ending would be fans of one thing around the world will still think one thing Z is a cool movie and I also consider this movie cool. One more different and special from one part Z is the soundtrack filled by avril lavigne.


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