Razer Project Valerie, Gaming Laptop with Triple Monitor

The Consumer Electronic Show or CES exhibition that is being held in Las Vegas is indeed a place for electronic players to introduce their concept products. No exception one of them is the company's most iconic equipment Gaming today, Razer. Typical manufacturers with black - green color and colorful LEDs in almost all of its products bring one of the most steal gaming products on this CES mat.

Yep, a concept laptop called Project Valerie (Although we hope the name is cooler like the previous switchblade) is arguably a thicker version of the Razer Blade Pro. But the increase in size of this laptop is not without reason. Because Razer cleverly pinned two additional screens that would turn this one-monitor gaming laptop into a triple monitor like a desktop PC just by pressing a button.
The screen that carried Project Valerie itself is 17.3 inches with a resolution of 4K IGZO. When both additional monitors are enabled then the maximum resolution reaches 11520 x 2160 or 12K. To support this extra wide screen Razer pinning VGA Nvidia GTX 1080 with 8GB of RAM video. For other specifications he is still the same as Razer Blade Pro.
Razer himself has not revealed how much the price will be dibanderol when the project is produced. But from various sources believe Project Valerie will be in the price range of USD 6,000 or about 80 million Rupiah. The price is very, very high for a gaming laptop. But with the presence of triple monitor do you guys break even?
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